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Programs- Mindset Leader

The RF Wood Foundation is proud to offer MindsetGo’s Mindset Leader Program. The program will be a 5-week course focusing on student leadership and emphasizing mental and emotional agility. This interactive program focuses on relationship-building and trains students on emotional intelligence, problem-solving, using a growth mindset to embrace mistakes as a driver for growth, resiliency and how to communicate with adults and peers more effectively.

Program Overview:

The vital ingredient for athletic and more important, life success is mastering communications skills. With confident and skilled verbal, non-verbal and listening skills, student athletes thrive as leaders when they feel confident to vocalize their ideas, solve conflicts, demonstrate emotional intelligence and actively listen.  The best communicators know where to focus their energy and, maybe even more importantly, where not to…a critical dimension to leading on and off the court.  And that focus derives from learning and mastering how to deliver the best communications strategies and tactics.

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become a leader



This program will teach students how to:

  • Identify, interpret and respond effectively to body language
  • Channel strong emotions in to strong work ethic/self-motivation
  • Communicate a complaint using emotional intelligence– via words, tone, and body language
  • Share ideas and feelings by combining the how and what
  • Validate opinions and embrace perspectives without conflict or embarrassment
  • Problem-solve confidently with conflict-resolution techniques
  • Cope effectively with changing emotions and distractions
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be a good teammate